Saturday, May 5, 2012

Off to Grandma's House

Robyn is having her first sleepover Grandma and Grandpa's!

Her knapsack was packed and sitting at the front door at 6:30 am, even though we've told her she's not going over there until after lunch and naps. 
She's beyond excited and promised upside down and backwards that she will behave, use her manners, go to bed on time, wake up quietly and get her own cereal and help G'ma with whatever she wants. 

This is actually a first for her and the grandparents - yes it's taken almost 6 years to convince the grandparents to take a kid overnight, but we'll take what we can get!!  So Robyn is paving the way for future grandkids to have sleepovers.  A lot rides on tonight!  No pressure kid, haha!

Isn't she adorbs?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tooth Fairy Door

So of course we can't just stick Robyn's tooth under her pillow and be done with it.  Oh no...I'm much too crafty for that.  The question was, do we make a pillow? make a tooth holder? I've seen door hangers, and stuffies, and pillow cases.  What to do??  Then....I saw on Pinterest the idea of making a Tooth Fairy door!

When Robyn's tooth first started getting wiggly a month ago, I wasn't really sure how long it takes for it to pop out! A few days? a few weeks? So I showed her the pictures online, and got her excited about it and then we headed off to Michaels craft store to get supplies.  We were looking for a doll house door, but couldn't really find one, so we settled on this plain wooden armoire. I knew we could make something out of that! And Robyn spotted a similar little treasure box and wanted that too.  We got some glitter paints and some stickers and off home we went to create!

I figured the armoire reminded me of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and we made it look like you could see the magical fairyland on the other side of the see-thru doors. Robyn painted the treasure box rainbow and I girlified the armoire with pink and purple and jewel stickers.

Yes, I know we'll have to make an equally boyish one when the boys start getting wiggly teeth, but I've got atleast another 2 years to worry about that! :)

SO what do you think of our masterpieces?

And then when Robyn's tooth finally popped out, she was so excited to put out the door and the box for the Tooth Fairy! She kept saying "oh, she's just going to love it, don't you think?"
Amazing....I love a child's sweet innocence and that wonder and amazement of anything and everything "magical" :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My baby girl lost her 1st tooth!!

I think I'm going to cry! My baby girl is growing up way too fast!!
Today Robyn lost her first tooth .

 It's been wiggly for a few weeks and I just knew it was going to fall out any day now.  I almost had a heartattack yesterday when we went to an indoor play place and I had nightmares that it would come flying out if someone bumped her too hard and we'd loose it!  But yesterday it held on and today, Robyn wiggled it a few times, got a Kleenex and then yanked it out.  Brave little 5 yr old eh? She instantly started tearing up and I was worried she was in pain, and then she blurted out "I'm just soooo excited!!" Hahahaha!

So she gargled salt're supposed to do that right? I seem to remember my own mother making me do that! And I gave her an ice cube to put on her gum, so it wouldn't bruise.  We called Dad, and G'ma, and her cousin (who has is 9 months older and has already lost 7 teeth, and to Robyn is the "expert" on loosing teeth).  Then we took pictures for prosperity and she tucked her wrapped up tooth in her pocket and carried it with her all day.

She was so giddy all day, and I just sat back and thought about how much my little girl has grown up! I remember her getting that first tooth (which coincidently is the same one that fell out) and thinking she was such a big girl then!

The first of many milestones, and I'm taking it in stride. But sometimes I wish I could freeze time and just hug and hold her and not let her get bigger :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's school cards

Valentine's is coming up in a week....which means you need to get on buying the supplies you need NOW, because by the weekend everything will be gone and they'll be putting out the Easter stuff  - don't you hate that?? What about us procrastinators?? What happens when we go out the night before Valentine's (or any other Holiday) to grab stuff and it's all GONE!!?? So annoying....just let us celebrate one thing at a time already!!!

Well it seems Robyn's school is on to this, because we got a note saying we needed to bring in any Valentine's a week prior to the day, so they can be sorted appropriately.  Wow....I guess her teacher is NOT a procrastinator like I am!

So, we sat down last night and assembled the goodies.  Robyn meticulously wrote out each classmate's name on the back.

I was inspired by all those "reach out and hand you a lollipop" Valentine's that are floating around the internet world.  But wouldn't you know, I couldn't find ANY lollipops! The store clerk at Wa-wa-land told me "ma'am that's a seasonal item....".  Uuuuuummmm, ooookay....what season would that be exactly?? Stuffed animals galore, and every variety of chocolate heart out there, but not a lollipop to be found! 
No worries, instead I found something even better, and I know the other parents will appreciate it:

Heart-shaped straws! $2 for a pack of 6! Even better! Aren't they adorable???

Here's what we came up with:

Cute eh? And my kids LOVE straws blowing bubbles in their milk with straw, heh.

And here's the card I made of them last year, Austin looks so little....aaawwww.....