Saturday, May 5, 2012

Off to Grandma's House

Robyn is having her first sleepover Grandma and Grandpa's!

Her knapsack was packed and sitting at the front door at 6:30 am, even though we've told her she's not going over there until after lunch and naps. 
She's beyond excited and promised upside down and backwards that she will behave, use her manners, go to bed on time, wake up quietly and get her own cereal and help G'ma with whatever she wants. 

This is actually a first for her and the grandparents - yes it's taken almost 6 years to convince the grandparents to take a kid overnight, but we'll take what we can get!!  So Robyn is paving the way for future grandkids to have sleepovers.  A lot rides on tonight!  No pressure kid, haha!

Isn't she adorbs?

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  1. Six Years! Wowzas! I can't even get mine birthed and Jasons parents are begging (annoying in its own way). That being said, sleepovers are not common with 7 grandkids to share the time.