Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tooth Fairy Door

So of course we can't just stick Robyn's tooth under her pillow and be done with it.  Oh no...I'm much too crafty for that.  The question was, do we make a pillow? make a tooth holder? I've seen door hangers, and stuffies, and pillow cases.  What to do??  Then....I saw on Pinterest the idea of making a Tooth Fairy door!

When Robyn's tooth first started getting wiggly a month ago, I wasn't really sure how long it takes for it to pop out! A few days? a few weeks? So I showed her the pictures online, and got her excited about it and then we headed off to Michaels craft store to get supplies.  We were looking for a doll house door, but couldn't really find one, so we settled on this plain wooden armoire. I knew we could make something out of that! And Robyn spotted a similar little treasure box and wanted that too.  We got some glitter paints and some stickers and off home we went to create!

I figured the armoire reminded me of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and we made it look like you could see the magical fairyland on the other side of the see-thru doors. Robyn painted the treasure box rainbow and I girlified the armoire with pink and purple and jewel stickers.

Yes, I know we'll have to make an equally boyish one when the boys start getting wiggly teeth, but I've got atleast another 2 years to worry about that! :)

SO what do you think of our masterpieces?

And then when Robyn's tooth finally popped out, she was so excited to put out the door and the box for the Tooth Fairy! She kept saying "oh, she's just going to love it, don't you think?"
Amazing....I love a child's sweet innocence and that wonder and amazement of anything and everything "magical" :)


  1. Sarah,

    You're such a great mom. My daughter lost her tooth and I completely forgot to leave ANYTHING. The next day, she wrote a very blunt note to the tooth fairy.

    I came across your blog from the Brasst Apple. I hope that you can stop by blog too.

    Fellow newbie,

    1. Hi Laura!
      Oh no...well I hope "the tooth fairy" made it up to her! Thank goodness there are always more teeth ;)

  2. That is so clever to use a reminds me of the Narnia stories. It came out beautifully and I love the backdrop of flowers.